Yoga @ the Museum

Join the GW Resiliency & Well-being Center for an art-centered mat yoga practice.
Yoga practitioners sitting in lotus position

The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum, 701 21st Street N.W., Washington, DC 20052

The GW Resiliency & Well-being Center will offer a mat yoga practice to all members of the GW medical enterprise at the GW University Museum & Textile Museum at 5 p.m. ET on February 7 & 21. The practice will be led by yoga teacher Kristina Burroughs, RYT-200hr. Participants will have a unique opportunity to engage in a yoga practice surrounded by the work of contemporary textile artist Anne Lindberg, who is dedicated to creating transcendent spaces for community gathering.

Our goal is to create a body-mind-art connection that you can use to connect with your inner selves and your source of higher power the way you understand it.

  • Mats will be provided.