Staff Mental Health Support Program- get trained as a Peer Caregiver!

A hand inside a heart shape contained in a green circle | "Peer Caregiver - The GW Medical Faculty Associates"

Virtual & In-Person

In stressful times, frontline caregivers tend to turn to peers, supervisors, or other staff members for support. Therefore, the GWU Medical Faculty Associates, in partnership with the MFA Patient Safety Committee and the Health & Wellness Institute, have developed the Care for Caregivers (CFC) Program, which is available to all GWU MFA and SMHS staff. The CFC program trains managers and staff to identify colleagues and other staff in need of support, provide brief counseling, and link to additional EAP resources.

As part of this program, MFA is hosting Peer Caregiver Trainings that are open to all staff at the dates listed below. After this training, you as a Peer Caregiver, will be able to conduct brief (20-30min) conversation sessions with colleagues and other staff in distress to help support them and potentially guide them towards further support resources. The goal is to have a Peer Caregiver representative available in every department throughout MFA.

Interested in becoming a Peer Caregiver? Attend one of the upcoming trainings!

  • Upcoming Trainings:
    • Wednesday, August 25th 2-5pm (in-person training with social distancing)
    • Thursday, August 26th 10am-1pm (virtual training via Zoom)

Interested in speaking with a Peer Caregiver? Look for the green "Peer Caregiver" sticker or ask your department head if anyone in your department has been trained.