New tools for building BioCompute Objects on DNAnexus, Seven Bridges, and Galaxy for deposit to an access controlled BioComputeDB

Logos for Galaxy, the FDA, Seven Bridges, DNAnexus, and George Washington University

This workshop will be held virtually. The meeting link will be sent out before the workshop starts on September, 13th.

"BioCompute" is shorthand for IEEE-2791, the standard for documentation and reporting of computational workflows. The standard is meant to improve understanding and ease the organizational burden for both sponsors and FDA reviewers by providing clear guidelines for the kinds of data to be included, and the way in which the data are represented. It has been adopted by three Centers at the FDA for most drug applications. However, to further reduce the burden, recent effort has focused on simplifying writing and transmitting BioCompute Objects (BCOs) to the FDA.

This workshop will introduce users to new tools developed by popular bioinformatics platforms DNAnexus, Seven Bridges, and Galaxy for authoring and submitting BCOs directly from the platforms with minimal effort. Workshop attendees will also be introduced to the BioComputeDB, a centralized repository of workflows for depositing BCOs. Sponsors can control their own "prefix" domain in the BioComputeDB, enabling them to publish workflows directly in this space.


Jonathon Keeney
George Washington

Hadley King
George Washington

Omar Serang

Dennis Dean
Seven Bridges

Nicola Soranzo