Elevating Others With Your Words - Letters of Support for Residency

A Seminar Series on Letters of Recommendation in Academic Medicine
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Online (Zoom)

The SMHS Center for Faculty Excellence presents Elevating Others with Your Words: A Seminar Series on Letters of Recommendation in Academic Medicine. This series of virtual sessions will have speakers across the GW Academic Medical Enterprise who will provide guidance on a variety of faculty development techniques and standards regarding writing recommendations and letters of support to students and faculty.

This session will cover Letters of Support for Residency with an overview of the process, examples of letters, and guidance around standard letters; Pritha Ghosh, MD, Interim Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Associate Professor of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine, and Sam Moghtaderi, MD Orthopeadic Residency Program Director and Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Topics Covered in this session include:

  • Overview of Residency support letter(s) process
  • Trends for standard letters based on specialties
  • General guidance for writing residency letters