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Sharjeel Choudhry


Sharjeel Chaudhry at podium
Clinical and Translational Research Scholarly Concentration

Sharjeel Choudhry

Class of 2020

Sharjeel studied at Cornell University, where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, Health, and Society. He then worked in research on cardiac arrest at Johns Hopkins University, which inspired his passion for cardiology research and his interest in GW's Clinical & Translational Research Scholarly Concentration.

"GW has been instrumental in helping me pursue my research interests alongside my medical education. When I wanted to do summer research between my first and second year of medical school, the Office of Student Opportunities helped me get one of seven grants as a Harvard-Longwood Research Trainee in Vascular Surgery (NIH-T35). After spending the summer studying small molecule inhibitors of thrombosis, I considered taking a year off to further build my research skills. The Dean's Office not only encouraged, but also helped and sponsored my application to three national research scholarships. With their support, I got two of the awards and decided to pursue the Sarnoff Fellowship, which is given to 10 students in the country each year. In addition to a stipend and funding for supplies, the award provides students $8,000 to travel around the country and find the "perfect" research lab to work in for one year. As a Sarnoff Fellow, I have been assigned a Scientific Committee that is responsible for my progress throughout the fellowship. My committee includes the Chairs of Cardiology from multiple institutions, including the University of Rochester, Albert Einstein, UCSF, and Harvard Medical School."