Conference Schedules/Grand Rounds

The Washington D.C. Dermatological Society

GW residents are members of The Washington DC Dermatological Society and attend monthly meetings. Through participation in DC Derm, residents have the opportunity to establish meaningful relationships with community Dermatologists outside of GW early in their career. GW hosts a DC Derm meeting each year during which residents present patient cases.

Grand Rounds/Translational Science Lecture Series

Residents and faculty members attend grand rounds at three different institutions: George Washington University, The National Institutes of Health, and Washington Hospital Center.

Below is a sample schedule of Grand Rounds for the first half of the 2019 academic year:

August 19, 2021 GW Grand Rounds
TBD NIH Grand Rounds
October 21, 2021 GW Grand Rounds
TBD NIH Grand Rounds
February 17, 2021 GW Grand Rounds
TBD NIH Grand Rounds
June 6, 2022 GW Grand Rounds
TBD NIH Grand Rounds
May 19, 2022 WHC Grand Rounds
TBD NIH Grand Rounds

Recent guest speakers have included: Dr. Warren Heymann, Dr. Jenny Kim, Dr. Eric Simpson, Dr. Daniel Siegel, Dr. Sarah Arron, Dr. Benjamin Chong, and Dr. Ginette Okoye. 

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Grand Rounds at the NIH have been suspended indefinitely. For the 2020-2021 academic year, GW has teamed up with Washington Hospital Center, Howard, and Walter Reed to hold a CPC the second Thursday of each month. 

Please see the Grand Rounds/Translational Science Lecture Series tab in our Learning Corner for more information. 


Krazy Kodachromes 

The GW Dermatology Residency Program hosts a quarterly session called, “Krazy Kodachromes,” where three faculty members give one hour kodachrome lectures to residents from GW and neighboring institutions.

Please see the Krazy Kodachromes tab in our Learning Corner for more information. 


Basic Science Lecture Series

GW residents attend the basic science lecture series at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center once a month. Second and third year residents are expected to present a basic science lecture.


Intro to Dermatology Boot Camp

First-year dermatology residents often feel overwhelmed by the ever-expanding lexicon and body of knowledge that comprises dermatology. To bridge the gap between internship and the vast unknown of dermatology residency, a Washington, D.C.-based multi-institutional task force was formed to develop academic programming aimed at easing this transition. First-year residents from George Washington University, Georgetown/Washington Hospital, Walter Reed Medical Center, and Howard University convene for lectures, surgical lab, and interactive patient vignettes. 


  1. Communicate effectively using dermatology’s descriptive clinical terminology.
  2. Know the basics of structure and function to enable clinicopathologic correlation.
  3. Observe approaches to several common – but challenging – dermatologic conditions.
  4. Recognize clinical presentations of the most common dermatologic emergencies.
  5. Increase personal, academic, and professional relationships among our residents.

Course Directors

  • Children's National: Mary Maiberger, MD
  • Washington Hospital Center: Helena Pasieka, MD
  • GW: Adam Friedman, MD