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Allied Health Biochemistry

The major objectives of the Allied Health Biochemistry course (Bioc 6211) are: to provide the first year physician assistant students a solid foundation in the biochemical concepts which are needed for the practice of medicine. In addition, the course requires the students to use this material in problem solving. The course has evolved over time from a traditional biochemistry course into a course which places major emphasis on the clinical aspects of biochemistry. Two major strengths of the course are the continuity in the course, and the multiple modes of teaching which have been incorporated into the course, thus giving the students more control over their education.

Over the past years 30 years the course has received excellent reviews, both formal and informal. Over the years, Dr. Walker has received eight "Golden Apples", an award given by the second year students to acknowledge excellence in teaching basic sciences. Dr. Walker was also the first inductee into the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences Distinguished Teachers Society.

Glenn Walker

Program Director:
Glenn Walker, PhD


Mark Elliott

Program Co-Director:
Mark Elliott, PhD