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The information below includes resources for students in the PhD in Translational Health Sciences program.

For more information about the resources provided through the Office of Student Support, please visit the OSS Website.

PhD in Translational Health Sciences Student Handbook

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Translational Health Sciences (THS) is an interdisciplinary program that strives to educate individuals dedicated to the health sciences, building on students’ own experience, disciplinary training, and interests. The Student Handbook for the PhD in Translational Health Sciences is a comprehensive resource for our students.

PhD in Translational Health Sciences Student Guide to Planning the Dissertation Defense

View the PhD in Translational Health Sciences Student Guide to Planning the Dissertation Defense (PDF)

Residency Weekend Dates & Program Academic Calendar

Twice each semester during the first 6 semesters. As possible, these weekends are scheduled to occur from Friday noon through Sunday noon during approximately the 5th and 10th week of each semester. Actual dates for all 6 semesters are provided to each cohort upon matriculation. The weekends will be pre-determined and students will be notified far in advance of each semester and not based on student's availability per se. Attendance at each of the residency weekends is strictly required. The residency weekends are only during the didactic coursework portion of the program, not the dissertation phase.

The following weekend sessions have been scheduled:

Academic Year 2017-2018 Academic Year 2018-2019
Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018 Fall 2018 Spring 2019 Summer 2019
9/22-9/24 2/16-2/18 6/22-6/24 9/28-9/30 2/15-2/17 6/14-6/16
10/27-10/29 3/23-3/25 7/27-7/29 11/2-11/4 3/22-3/24 7/19-7/21
Academic Year 2019-2020 Academic Year 2020-2021
Fall 2019 Spring 2020 Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Spring 2021 Summer 2021 Fall 2021
9/27-9/29 2/14-2/16 6/19-6/21 10/2-10/4 2/12-2/14 6/19-6/21 10/1-10/3
11/1-11/3 3/20-3/22 7/24-7/26 11/6-11/8 3/19-3/21 7/23-7/25 11/5-11/7
Academic Year 2021-2022 Academic Year 2022-2023
Spring 2022 Summer 2022 Fall 2022 Spring 2023 Summer 2023
2/11-2/13 6/10-6/12 9/30-10/2 2/10-2/12 6/9-6/11
3/18-3/20 7/22-7/24 11/4-11/6 3/17-3/19 7/21-7/23
Academic Year 2023-2024 Academic Year 2024-2025
Fall 2023 Spring 2024 Summer 2024 Fall 2024 Spring 2025 Summer 2025 Fall 2025
9/29-10/1 2/9-2/11 6/7-6/9 9/27-9/29 2/7-2/9 6/6-6/8 10/3-10/5
11/3-11/6 3/15-3/17 7/19-7/21 11/1-11/3 3/14-3/16 7/18-7/20 11/7-11/8

The weekend sessions will begin at noon on Friday and continue through Saturday, ending at noon on Sunday. This minimizes the time away from home and work. In addition to residency weekends, each new cohort should plan to attend an orientation in July prior to the start of their program. Dates for the upcoming orientations are listed below:

  • July 18-19 2019
  • July 23-24 2020
  • July 22-23 2021


Student Dissertation Forms
  • Agreement of Expectations & Committee Designation Form
  • Change in Committee Membership
  • Request for Proposal Defense / Final Defense
  • Dissertation Proposal / Final Defense Approval
  • Final Dissertation Approval Signature Page

To initiate any of these forms, please contact the Director of Doctoral Research.

Half-Time/Full-Time Certification

PhD Students who are entering the candidacy portion of their program should complete the Half Time/Full Time Certification Form in order to continue deferring their student loans.

If approved, this form will allow certification of full- or half-time study with a registration of fewer credits than officially required: 9 credits per semester for full-time study; 4.5 credits per semester for half-time study. In the summer, full-time status requires 6 credits and half-time status requires 3 credits.


For student resources, please visit the Department of Clinical Research & Leadership Website.

Contact the Office of Student Services, for more information about the resources.