About The GW Healing Clinic

The GW Healing Clinic is the umbrella organization for several clinical volunteer sites in the D.C. and Maryland area that are run by the students of the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. We provide primary care to medically underserved patients of Prince George’s County at our Bridge to Care clinic, help conduct behavioral health assessments and HIV testing and treatment at Whitman Walker Health, assist with the suboxone clinic at HIPS, and partner with other community organizations to carry out our mission. Our goal is to offer high quality care for our patients in a confidential and respectful environment while enriching the educational experience of our medical and physician assistant students. This entirely student-run effort affords GW students the opportunity to more fully engage in our community.

The idea behind starting the Healing clinic was not only to give back to the community but to also bring together community, GW students and faculty. The results were more humbling and exhilarating than anticipated, especially in terms of overwhelming support from all of the above groups.

- Irina Brennan, the GW Healing Clinic co-founder

Current Leadership

Title Name
Directors of Healing Clinic Colleen Hamilton
Directors of Healing Clinic Megan Phan
Director of Communication Subhash Gutti
Director of Fundraising Kimia Zarabian
Directors of Education Jared Eng
Directors of Education Nandan Srinivasa
Director of Research Alexander Dick
Directors of Bridge to Care Sophia Newton
Directors of Bridge to Care Sangrag Ganguli
Director of Provider Recruitment Megan Ebner
Director of Patient Relations Varun Mehta
Director of Scheduling Operations Abraham Ipe
Director of Scheduling Operations Lily Wang
Directors of Patient Navigation Meg Duval
Directors of Patient Navigation Bridget Marcinkowski
Directors of HIPS Emma Keegan
Directors of HIPS Jon Galla
Director of WW Lauryn Brown
Directors of Homeless Medicine Collaborative Initiative Vera Pertsovskaya
Directors of Homeless Medicine Collaborative Initiative Ian Farquhar
PA Liasons Jeniece Montanello
PA Liasons Hannah Jeffrey

MS4 Liasons

Pranav Kaul
Elaine Hynds
Abbi Cerezo 
Samantha Sobelman


Doctor holds patient's hands