MD Program Forms

2020-2021 Forms:

Application Forms:

Other 2020-2021 Forms

Verification Forms (use only when requested by the Office of Financial Aid):

  • 2020-2021 Citizenship Document Affidavit- Students who are not able to obtain a notarized Citizenship Document Affidavit because of Covid-19 (possibly because of a stay at home order in your state or locality), may submit a statement attesting that the documents submitted are copies of the original citizenship documents and must securely email copies of at least one of the following documents:
    • US citizens: birth certificate, passport, Certificate of Citizenship, or Certificate of Naturalization
    • Eligible noncitizen: Permanent Resident Card I-551, Resident Alien Card I-551, or Arrival Departure Record I-94
  • 2020-2021 GW MD Program Verification Worksheet
  • Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose


    2020-2021 MD/MPH and Certificate Programs



    Please note that as a result of COVID 19 the SMHS MD Program Office of Financial Aid will no longer be accepting mail directly through our office.  If sending mail please address it as follows:

    George Washington University,

    Mail Services L1010,

    GW SMHS MD Program Office of Financial Aid- Attn: Brieana Kepley,

    2025 F Street NW,

    Washington, D.C. 20052