Disaster and Operational Medicine

The Disaster and Operational Medicine Section in the Department of Emergency Medicine is a collection of medical professionals dedicated to providing high-quality education, consultation, and operational work in the areas of disaster medicine and emergency management. Our section houses a Fellowship training program in Disaster in Operational Medicine to help develop the next generation of Disaster Medicine specialists. Through the individual interests and work of its members, the section covers all major aspects of the burgeoning field of Disaster and Operational Medicine. This includes hospital emergency management, various high-level government organizations including FEMA, deployable federal teams (Disaster Medical Assistance Team and Urban Search And Rescue), large and small scale EMS direction and education, tactical medicine, telemedicine and medical direction in Iraq, medical counterterrorism research.

Our section boasts a very robust Event Medicine Program with years of experience and respect, providing very high-quality planning and operational medical care during small, large, and very large scale events in the National Capital Region, from triathlons and concerts to the Presidential

Inauguration and most recent Papal Visit. Our section supports GWU Medical School Scholarly Concentration in Disaster and Operational Medicine and provides Medical Direction for the GW University Emergency Medical Response Group (EMeRG).