GWish Art of Presence 17th Annual Healthcare Renewal Retreat - Summer 2022

GWish Art of Presence 17th Annual Healthcare Renewal Retreat - Summer 2022

The annual GWish Art of Presence Retreat offers a sacred space for you to contemplate your own spirituality and deepen your commitment to your call to serve. This retreat is designed for health care practitioners—doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, chaplains—as well as other professionals open to deepening their spiritual lives. All seekers are welcome, regardless of faith, belief system, or culture.

We invite you to reignite your passion for your vocation during a weekend of restoration and spiritual nourishment. Join us for this year’s GWish Art of Presence Retreat and bring a deeper meaning and purpose to your practice.

Woman holding spiritual beadsGWish Retreats: A Spiritual Exploration

Unless you have a solid foundation in your own spirituality, dealing with the suffering of others is simply too hard. How do you establish personal boundaries and still act in a compassionate way toward your patients? How do you offer support to patients and families who are experiencing emotional and spiritual distress?

At the GWISH Art of Presence Retreat, we will explore how your own spirituality and personal beliefs impact your vocation. Dedicate this time to your professional well-being through journaling, meditation, and taking time for yourself.


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