Center for Injury Prevention and Control


The mission of the Center for Injury Prevention and Control (CIPC) is to reduce death and disability from intentional and unintentional injury. Our goal is to promote existing prevention methods and to optimize trauma care through education, collaboration with the community, and engaging in research contributing to the advancement of the field.


"As Electric Scooters Proliferate, So Do Minor Injuries And Blocked Sidewalks"- NPR, March 30, 2019

Current Projects


Educating clinicians, students, and our community about best practices, research advancements, and current trends in the world of injury prevention and research is a focus of CIPC. 

  • Dr. Babak Sarani, director of Trauma Surgery at GWU, gave a Grand Rounds lecture at GWUH on 03/20/2019 on gun violence.
  • Stay tuned for an upcoming lunchtime seminar on injury prevention, to be hosted at the Milken Institute.
  • Are you a current GW Milken Institute School of Public Health student who is interested in either taking a course focused on violence and injury prevention, or working on research related to violence and injury prevention?  If so, contact us!

Please return for updates about news and local educational events.

Community Outreach

CIPC is committed to improving the health and safety of our neighbors.  The DC Vision Zero Summit was recently hosted at the Milken School of Public Health on March 14, 2019, discussing the District’s initiative to reach zero fatalities and serious injuries to travelers of our transportation system.  For more information regarding the DC initiative, check out this website:

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about events in the DC-metro area promoting violence and injury prevention and awareness!


CIPC is working with other organizations to develop research projects and welcomes inquiries for additional collaboration opportunities. Our current areas of focus include:

  • Fall prevention and awareness.  The CIPC recently completed a research project investigating the epidemiological factors around elderly falls presenting to the Emergency Department. 
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Electric Scooter Safety
  • Gun Violence Prevention
  • Childhood Injury Prevention in India

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Katherine Douglass, M.D., M.P.H.