Medical Research Fellowship Program

Medical Research Fellowship Program group photo


The Medical Research Fellowship Program provides international medical graduates with the skills necessary to enhance their research careers and pursue graduate medical education in the United States. Since the program launched in 2012, 86% of the research fellows matched to U.S. residency positions immediately after completion of the program. 


At the end of the program, research fellows will be equipped with skills, abilities, and documents to help them compete for a U.S. residency position. The goals of the program include providing opportunities for the research fellows to:

  • Develop a rich and longstanding relationship with a GW medical faculty member
  • Create a network of professional contacts for future support in international medicine
  • Develop critical thinking, analytical, and practical inquiry skills utilizing the latest approaches in U.S. healthcare and medical research
  • Build a foundation for utilizing evidence-based medicine
  • Increase skills in critical appraisal, research design, and understanding of the entire medical research process
  • Publish articles or abstracts in peer-reviewed journals and present research posters or papers at conferences
  • Gain first-hand knowledge of the U.S. healthcare delivery and medical higher education system
  • Develop personal and group leadership skills necessary for advancement in clinical practice and research
  • Develop strategies for communicating clinical research and medical information in spoken and written English
  • Gain broad public speaking and presentation experience and participate in at least one professional conference in field of interest


One-on-one mentorship: Each research fellow is matched with a GW faculty mentor in the research fellow's specialty of choice. Research fellows join the faculty mentor and are integrated into the clinical team, which includes faculty, residents, and students. The faculty mentor provides counseling and guidance through weekly meetings.

Clinical observation: Research fellows actively and successfully participate as members of a clinical team. While hands-on patient contact is not allowed due to DC medical licensing laws, the research fellow engages with the team in all other clinical activities. 

Research: Research fellows attend weekly critical appraisal sessions to increase their knowledge of research methods, analyze the latest in medical publications, and publish letters to the editor. Research fellows also participate in individual and group research projects alongside their faculty mentor aiming to present at a national conference and publish in a peer-reviewed journal. 

U.S. residency application preparation: IMP staff and the Program Medical Director support research fellows with scheduling residency preparation interviews, offering online resources, and providing curriculum vitae and personal statement reviews. Research fellows will obtain detailed and personalized letters of recommendation from faculty members when appropriate. 

Professional development: Research fellows attend regular clinical department grand rounds, conferences, seminars, and lectures with their team of faculty, residents, and students. Research fellows are key members of the team and fully participate in department activities. 


The program duration is 12-months. Requests for a shorter duration are considered on an individual basis. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Research fellows are encouraged to start the program on May 1.

Application Materials

Interested and qualified applicants must submit the following required documents to the Office of International Medicine Programs via email at

  1. A headshot photo
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. A one-page objective statement detailing your motivations for applying to this program and your career goals
  4. A copy of medical degree
  5. Medical school transcript
  6. Three letters of recommendation
  7. USMLE score reports (preferred but not mandatory)
  8. Proof of financial means to cover program tuition and living expenses, or a financial guarantee letter from a sponsoring entity that complies with the dates and duration of the program