Lab Members

Michael Hsieh, MD, PhDMichael Hsieh, MD, PhD
Principal Investigator


Kenji IshidaKenji Ishida

Olivia LamannaOlivia Lamanna
Student Intern - American University

Albert headshotAlbert Lee, DO
Urology Fellow, Children's National Hospital

Saumya headshotSaumya Rajamohan, BS
GW MPH Student

Brita OstermeierBrita Ostermeier
PhD Student

Ellie HillEllie Hill
Clinical Instructor


Past and Current Collaborators
Lab Alumni

Austin headshotAustin Hester, MD
Urology Fellow, Children's National Hospital

Catherine FosterCatherine Foster
Assistant Professor, Children's National Medical Center

Celia HeneinCelia Henein
Summer Intern

Eric GoldsteinEric Goldstein
Summer Intern

Evaristus Mbanefo, PhdEvaristus Mbanefo, PhD


Kristina LapiraKristina Lapira
Student Intern - University of California San Diego

Alex von VorysAlex von Vorys
Student Intern - St. Mary's College of Maryland

Sheng-Hsun Chang, MDSheng-Hsun Chang, MD
Lab Role: Visiting Scholar

Dannah FarahDannah Farah
Lab Role: GW Medical Student

Chris Bayne, MDChris Bayne, MD
Lab Role: Joseph E. Robert, Jr. Fellow

Nerissa TunnessenNerissa Tunnessen
Lab Role: Student Intern - School Without Walls

Loc LeLoc Le
Lab Role: Postdoc

Rebecca ZeeRebecca Zee
Lab Role: Urology Fellow, Children's National Medical Center

Ezra LeeEzra (Young Jun) Lee
Lab Role: Eastern Virginia Medical Student

Terry AgboTerry Agbo
Lab Role: GW Medical Student

Alison AmarAlison Amar
Lab Role: Student Intern - University of Maryland

Hannah PambianchiHannah Pambianchi
Lab Role: Student Intern - Cornell University

Marissa MalchioneMarissa Malchione
Lab Role: Masters Student

Yi-Ju Hsieh, Ph.D.Yi-Ju Hsieh, PhD
Lab Role: Lab Manager

Amsul Khanal, PhDAmsul Khanal, PhD
Lab Role: Postdoc

Chi-Ling Fu, Ph.D.Chi-Ling Fu, PhD
Lab Role: Research Associate and Lab Manager

Yuanlong ZhaoYuanlong Zhao
Lab Role: GW Medical Student

Vivien LeeVivien Lee
Lab Role: PhD Student

Lucie HeneinLucie Henein
Lab Role: Student Intern

Thien-Linh LeThien-Linh Le
Lab Role: Student

Deborah BoyettDeborah Boyett
Lab Role: Student

Professor Olfat HammamProfessor Olfat Hammam
Lab Role: Visiting Faculty (Theodor Bilharz Institute, Egypt)

Parameth Thiennimitr, MD, PhDParameth Thiennimitr, MD, PhD
Lab Role: Postdoctoral Fellow

Jared Honeycutt, MSJared Honeycutt, MS
Lab Role: Graduate Student

Luke Pennington, BSLuke Pennington, BS 
Lab Role: MD/PhD Student (Medical Scientist Training Program)

Oscar AyalaOscar Ayala
Lab Role: Student

Baldemar TorresBaldemar Torres
Lab Role: Student

Debalina Ray, PhDDebalina Ray, PhD
Lab Role: Postdoctoral Fellow

Jennifer PayneJennifer Payne
Lab Role: High School Student

Anuradha Thathireddy, MScAnuradha Thathireddy, MSc
Lab Role: Life Sciences Research Assistant

Charity ApeloCharity Apelo
Lab Role: Student

Robert Payne, MDRobert Payne, MD
Lab Role: Postdoctoral Fellow

Kim ThaiKim Thai
Lab Role: Research Assistant

Diana GongDiana Gong
Lab Role: Student, Mountain View High School

Tyrrell Nelson, BSTyrrell Nelson, BS
Lab Role: Life Sciences Research Assistant

Shelly Mingqian XieShelly Mingqian Xie
Lab Role: Student

Aileen BuiAileen Bui
Lab Role: Student

Shailja Patel, MSShailja Patel, M.S.
Lab Role: Life Sciences Research Assistant

Daniela BrissettDaniela Brissett
Lab Role: Research Assistant

Monica Richardson, MD, MPHMonica Richardson, MD, MPH
Lab Role: Postdoctoral Fellow (Uro-Gynecology Fellow)

Amber Kerk, BSAmber Kerk, BS
Lab Role: Summer Intern

Brittany BankstonBrittany Bankston
Lab Role: Student

Justin Odegaard, MD PhDJustin Odegaard, MD, PhD
Lab Role: Postdoctoral Fellow (Pathology Fellow)

Simon Conti, MDSimon Conti, MD
Lab Role: Research Resident

Cindy LinCindy Lin
Lab Role: Summer Student

Sameen BaburSameen Babur
Lab Role: Rotation Graduate Student (Developmental Biology)

Bradley StamlerBradley Stamler
High School Student Intern

Christina HoChristina Ho
Urology Fellow,
Children's National Medical Center