GW Convenes International Consensus Conference on Spirituality in Health Care

GWISH Catalyzes a Global Movement to Improve Spiritual Dimension of Whole-Person Care
February 11, 2013

The Fetzer Institute convened experts in different disciplines from around the world (health, art, humanities, law, etc) to explore ways in which compassion, love and forgiveness are exemplified in the different sectors. The Health Fetzer Advisory Council developed a Call to Action that identified values and goals for a system that would be compassionate, holistic and centered on values such as love, forgiveness, healing, dignity and wholeness. The Health Fetzer Advisory Council funded this conference in order to bring together a diverse group of healthcare professionals, policy makers, researchers and educators to develop potential standards of care, and methods of implementation of those standards that can eventually be put into place in healthcare settings throughout the world. This conference builds on the work of The National Consensus Conference in Improving The Spiritual Domain of Palliative Care with palliative care as well as work of others in the field of spirituality and health, many of whom are at this conference.