FICA Spiritual Assessment Tool

FICA Spiritual History Tool ©

The FICA Spiritual History Tool was developed by Dr. Puchalski and a group of primary care physicians to equip physicians and other healthcare professionals with a tool to address spiritual issues with patients. Spiritual histories are taken as part of the regular history during an annual exam or new patient visit, but can also be taken as part of follow-up visits, as appropriate. The FICA tool serves as a guide for conversations in the clinical setting.
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FICA Spiritual Assessment in Clinical Practice

To learn more about the importance of and how to conduct a spiritual history in clinical practice, please view this multimedia guide. Learn more about FICA Spiritual History in Clinical Practice.

FICA Recommendations

We recommend the following for healthcare providers taking a patient's spiritual history.
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FICA for Self-Assessment

The FICA tool can help you think about your personal spiritual history.
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Order FICA Cards

GWish developed a small (2"x4") plastic pocket card for healthcare professionals to use when conducting spiritual assessments. The card lists the questions associated with each part of FICA, and is a handy tool to help implement the practice of conducting spiritual assessments. You can order these durable and convenient cards using the FICA card order form (PDF).