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Event Planning

Having an event? Need some guidance?

The SMHS Communications and Marketing office is here to help make your event as successful as possible. We’ve compiled a list of important things to remember when planning, as well as the appropriate contacts, so that your event has a high level of professionalism and represents the school and your group in the best possible way.

Download the Event Planning Brochure

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Proper branding is critical! Need the new logo? We can help. Never be without proper branding again!

For the proper marks for your planning documents, invitations, and for your day-of documents, contact SMHS Communications and Marketing:, 202-994-2904, or 202-994-8110

Planning to do a PowerPoint presentation? Need a template?

Download the SMHS PPT template

Need to access the GW Wireless internet?

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When planning an event, you’ll need to find the right venue that will accommodate the size of your group. Below is a listing of some of the venues within Ross Hall or on the GW Campus. 

Signage, Handouts, & Branding

It is important to remember that your guests need to be able to find your event upon arrival, and it’s your opportunity to remind them who is hosting the event. You should ensure that visitors know that the event is backed by SMHS by including the school branding on all materials.

Did you know that SMHS has a graphic designer and large-format printers that can make your event look fantastic? Also, when your guests sit down to read your program, any spelling, grammar, or consistency mistakes will be obvious – have a fresh set of eyes review your materials. The Communications and Marketing staff can also review and copy-edit your materials.

Contact Biomedical Communications at 202-994-2904 or  Michael Leong or Barbara McGowan can help!


Capture the moment for your attendees and your website.

Fill out the event services request form and our talented team of photographers will follow up.

*There may be charges for weekend events – however this is not the case in all situations. Please contact us for information.

Media Relations/ External Affairs

Do you want to see news coverage of your event? Do you want to invite members of the media to your event to get the word out? The SMHS Communications and Marketing staff can create a media plan for you to get optimal attention for your event and ensure you have the proper materials available for guests and the media.

To work with our media relations staff, please contact Lisa Anderson, media relations manager, at

We will work with you to develop the following materials (if appropriate):

  • Media advisories – Giving reporters the “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How” of the event.
  • Media pitching – Our staff will contact the appropriate media to ensure they are aware that the event is taking place and address any of their needs prior to the event. (i.e. special access to the building for set up, audio plug in, etc.)
  • Press releases – Our staff will work with you and any partner organizations to create a press release for your event and work with you on a media strategy for optimal coverage.
  • Media relations – Our staff will be on the front lines with media contacts. If a member of the media wants to speak with you about your event or has questions for other attendees, we will work with the reporter to find out exactly what they are looking for and facilitate the interview. We will also send any materials to reporters following the event, if needed.
  • Multimedia – If there is a need to capture video at the event or have a video for the event, we can work with you and GW external relations to realize this idea.
  • Web presence – For optimal visibility, the media materials will be put on the SMHS website and available for reference by internal and external audiences. Your event will also appear on the SMHS event listing and calendar (see and
  • Social media – If appropriate, we will push you out through the SMHS Social media channels to reach our friends, followers, and contacts:

Internal Communications

Want a story to appear in the SMHS e-Newsletter, Medicine + Health, on your site, in GW Today, or in any other publication? The SMHS Communications and Marketing office can help match your story with the best communications vehicle to reach your audience.

Contact or Thom Kohout, director of publications, at with all of the critical information about your news and events.

We can also pitch this story to other campus communicators, such as the editors of GW Today, to see if they’d want to cover your event as well.

Want your event on the digital signs in Ross Hall?

Get the word out to the SMHS community through our six-screen array of digital signs.

Contact or Stephen Olowoye, Director of Web Services, at