PGY-1 Considerations

We offerĀ 5 Categorical Positions.

A sample rotation schedule for PGY1 residents is as follows:

Rotation Time
Medicine Wards 4 months
Intensive Care (Medicine & Surgical) 2 months
Cardiology Service (Gold Team) Wards 1 month
Pulmonary Service (Blue Team) Wards 1 month
Emergency Medicine 1 month
Anesthesiology 1 month
Transfusion Medicine (Blood Banking) 1 month
Night Float 1 month

Residents participating in the Categorical offering will begin residency training in the final week of June. They will receive 3 weeks of vacation. Additionally, they will receive 5 days off during either the Christmas or New Year's Holiday. The Internship will conclude 1 week prior to the end of June.

For applicants interested in the Advanced Residency Training offering, the Anesthesiology Residency Training Program will begin following the successful completion of a ACGME-accredited Internship on July 1.

Available Internships in the Washington, DC area include: