Core Facilities

The Research Pathology Core Laboratory (PCL)

The Research Pathology Core Laboratory is a research core facility developed in support of the Institute for Biomedical Sciences and housed in the Department of Pathology at the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences. The facility is located in room 706 Ross Hall. The Pathology Core Laboratory is available to provide research services for both human and animal tissues, including tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, routine H&E and special stains, frozen sections, optimization and performance of Immunohistochemistry, and Electron Microscopy. Biorepository services and Pathology consultative services are also available.

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The Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis

The Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis (CMIA) at George Washington University (GW) provides university-wide core resources for acquisition, enhancement and analysis of microscopic images of relevance to biological, biomedical, translational and engineering sciences.

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Flow Cytometry Core Facility (FCCF)

Flow cytometry is a process in which physical and/or chemical characteristics of single cells (or other particles) are measured as they pass through a flow cytometer individually in a fluid stream in front of a light source. Measured parameters include light scattering and fluorescence. Multiple parameters can be measured simultaneously and correlated to identify subsets of populations. In addition, qualitative and quantitative changes in these parameters can be used to characterize normal and abnormal cellular function.

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Animal Research Facility (ARF)

The Animal Research Facility (ARF) provides space, equipment, and care for laboratory animals used for research and teaching purposes. Various federal agencies and private research foundations regulate the use of vertebrate animals used or intended for use in research.

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