Urgent Matters Annual Meeting


Each year, Urgent Matters hosts an annual meeting at ACEP to bring together leaders and innovators in emergency medicine. We are proud to announce the 2016 Urgent Matters Annual Meeting:

Disruptive Innovations in Acute and Emergency Care: Aligning Payment and Delivery Reform

This session will highlight new disruptive innovations in acute and emergency care.  Disruptive innovations are those that create new markets, often changing market dynamics and creating value through new models. In acute and emergency care, this includes several models such as free-standing emergency departments, home-hospital care, community paramedicine, and telemedicine. In addition, there is disruptive innovation that is going on within hospital-based EDs. The development of many of these models is led by emergency physicians. These new models will need to be superimposed on a rapidly changing payment system that is moving away from fee-for-service to alternative payment models. In this session, you’ll be able to learn directly from leaders on the frontlines of this change, gaining an understanding of what works, what doesn’t, the policies that govern these new changes, and how to strategize in the near and long term for both individual and groups of emergency physicians.

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