Education and Research Training

MGPC staff and faculty members provide educational and research training programs to better understand the principles and significance of high-throughput functional genomics, proteomics, and computational genomics. The primary aim of MGPC’s education and research training is to engage and stimulate contemporary "outside of the box" thinking among our students about the burning translational research challenges which could be best addressed by genomic approaches.

MGPC also maintains a specific set of research related software that is available to GW SMHS faculty, staff, and students. MGPC staff hold regular Tool Open Houses. At each Open House staff demo a specific tool and answer questions from attendees on potential usage . The main goal is to increase the visibility of the MGPC software library available for GW SMHS faculty, staff, and students.

For information on the Open House schedule or to schedule a time to use one of the software, please email: Office hours for assistance with the tools are every other Friday from 12pm - 2pm.

Below is a list of the software available:

  • Geneious Prime: Geneious is a genome browser, reference mapping and sequence assembly tool used for NGS analysis.
  • Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA): IPA is a pathway and network analysis of complex omics data.
  • MetaCore: MetaCore is a high-quality biological systems content in context, ideal for systems biology research.
  • Graphia: An extendable network analysis tool that allows analysis of millions of nodes, transformations, graph analytics, live dynamic layouts and more.
  • Oncomine: Compute gene expression signatures, clusters, and gene-set modules, for extracting biological insights from the data.
  • OriginLab: OriginLab is a data graphics software for technical charts for scientists and engineers displaying 2D and 3D plotting, statistics, curve fitting, and peak fitting.
  • TRANSFAC: TRANSFAC provides data on eukaryotic transcription factors, their binding sites, consensus binding sequences and regulated genes.

To see a current schedule of the tool open houses and register to attend, please visit the registration page at the link below:

The center also organizes a lecture series inviting international experts to share their cutting-edge science. This forum also allows students to directly interact with pioneers in biochemistry to enrich their experience in emerging research trends.