Education and Research Training

MGPC faculty members provide educational and research training programs to better understand the principles and significance of high-throughput functional genomics, proteomics, and computational genomics. The main aim of this program is to engage and stimulate contemporary "outside of the box" thinking among our students about the burning translational research challenges which could be best addressed by genomic approaches.

The center also organizes a lecture series inviting international experts to share their cutting-edge science. This forum also allows students to directly interact with pioneers in biochemistry and enrich their experience in emerging research trends.

MGPC faculty members also direct courses in GW's Master's program in Molecular Biochemistry and Bioinformatics. The courses include Bioinformatics (BIOC 6223), Proteomics and Biomarker Discovery (BIOC 6237), Next Generation Sequencing Technologies (BIOC 6240). Additionally faculty members teach in several other graduate and medical courses and mentor students and interns.