Noon Conference & Grand Rounds Calendars

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General Information about Noon Conferences and Grand Rounds

Noon conference is held daily (except for Thursdays, which are departmental grand rounds).
Lunch will be provided at noon conferences.

Please see below for special resident-led noon conference presentations:

Chairman's Rounds

Location: GWUH Auditorium (Basement)

Time: Noon - 1 pm (Two PGY3s will present separately, 30 minutes each)

Audience:  Dr. Wasserman, Dr. Simon, Dr. Catalanotti, Dr. Barbour, other attendings, Residents, Interns, Medical Students

Instructions:   Consider this your opportunity to present a mini-Grand Rounds with feedback from department leaders!  All PGY-3 residents are required to give one Chairman's Rounds.  Choose your own topic, however, it must be approved by the chief residents at least one month in advance. Please email or discuss with them for this approval.  This is your opportunity to show mastery over a distinct area.  Typically,  you can start with a brief case presentation and present an in-depth literature review.  Alternatively, if you have done research, it is always appropriate to use this time to present your research instead.  We encourage you to go over your slides with an attending of your choosing for feedback in advance.

Contact: Kusha Davar, M.D. (Chief Resident)

Clinical Pathology Conference (CPC)

Location: GW Hospital Auditorium (Basement)

Time: Noon - 1 p.m. (Two PGY2s will present jointly)

Audience:  Dr. Wasserman, Dr. Simon, Dr. Catalanotti, Dr. Barbour, other attendings, Residents, Interns, Medical Students

Instructions:  The purpose of this conference is to present a case with interesting pathophysiology, imaging and/or histology. The two residents assigned to this conference  work together to present one case.  The resident presenters should ask appropriate attending "discussants" to help - typically residents will set up the case and call upon the experts (subspecialty or non-medicine attendings) to answer some challenging questions or discuss findings along the way. As you can tell from the title, we hope for some pathology including with a pathologist discussant so please keep that in mind when choosing your case! Please contact the Chief Residents at least one month in advance if you need help finding an appropriate case. We encourage you to use a case you've seen on the wards! Plan on using the first 30 minutes of the conference hour to present the case and set up the discussion and then allowing the subspecialty or non-medicine attendings present the imaging or pathology findings in greater detail.

Contact: Kusha Davar, M.D. (chief resident), Suzanne Chang, M.D. (Hospital Medicine)

Journal Club

Location: GWUH Auditorium (Basement)

Time: Noon - 1 p.m. (Two PGY2 residents will present jointly)

Audience:  Dr. Lesky, other attendings, Residents

Instructions: Journal Club occurs at both GW and the VA. All categorical residents are required to present at least once at GW. One month prior to your presentation, contact Dr. Lesky to find out the article for the month. Prepare your slides at least two weeks in advance so that you can go over them with her prior to your presentation and be sure you hit all of her planned teaching points.

Contact: Linda Lesky, M.D. (Hospital Medicine)

Patient Safety Conference (formerly known as M&M)

Location: GW Hospital Auditorium (Basement)

Time: Noon - 1 p.m. (Two PGY3s will present jointly)

Audience:  Dr. Wasserman, Dr. Simon, Dr. Catalanotti, Dr. Barbour, other attendings, Residents, Interns, Medical Students

Instructions: This conference serves as a capstone presentation for your quality improvement and patient safety training.  It is a chance to showcase what you learned in the first two years of the QI curriculum and apply it to a patient case at our medical center (outpatient or inpatient).  For full instructions, see the QI curriculum information.

Contact: Courtney Paul, M.D. (Hospital Medicine)