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Upcoming Events: 

  • Virtual Faculty Connection: The Center for Faculty Excellence holds bi-monthly virtual discussion sessions for faculty to your experiences, challenges and suggestions with other faculty.  Emails are sent weekly to Full and Part-Time faculty with upcoming topics and links to access the session.  For more information and links to previous session recordings/notes, see the VFC Page

Self-Paced Online Modules

The following resources are available for self-paced faculty development: 


Live Workshops

The Center for Faculty Excellence offers the following workshops for department meetings, grand rounds or retreats:

Note: Many of these workshops can be modified for virtual delivery if needed during the COVID-19 restrictions. 

To schedule a workshop, please contact Tracy Blanchard at or 202-994-4034

  • Teaching on the Fly: Teaching strategies that promote powerful case-based learning experiences when time is limited
  • Shaping Learning on Your Service or Shift: Teaching strategies to enhance learning across the entire service/shift and in between
  • Feedback that Sticks: Techniques for giving feedback and helping those receiving it
  • Being a Good Reflector & Encouraging Reflection in Others: Strategies for motivating, developing and assessing reflection
  • Promoting Learning in Small Groups: Techniques for effectively facilitating and maximizing learning in small groups
  • Designing Effective Didactics: Instructional design strategies to maximize learning and retention of lectures and small group sessions
  • Effective Mentoring: Strategies for cultivating an effective mentor-mentee relationship
  • Detecting and Addressing Learning Difficulties: Strategies for identifying learning issues and remediating learners having difficulty
  • Maximizing Case-Based Learning: Strategies for effectively using cases to foster learning
  • Deliberate Direct Observation & Assessment: Minimizing barriers and maximizing assessment reliability
  • Creating an Environment of Psychological Safety: Strategies for fostering a climate in which people are comfortable expressing themselves and sharing concerns

Technology Workshops

Educational Technology workshops are also available or department meetings, grand rounds or retreats.  Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • PollEverywhere (Audience quizzing and polling)
  • Doceri (Drawing on Slides from your iPad while Presenting)
  • Web Conferencing Tools (Blackboard Collaborate, WebEx)
  • Recording and Editing Online Modules

To schedule a technology workshop, please contact Tracy Blanchard.