Doceri is an iPad app that can be used to highlight, annotate, and draw on the projected screen from anywhere in the room.   It's a great substitute for using a laser pointer or a mouse to point to areas on an image or slide, and it is captured in the session recording, so students can see it later.

With Doceri, you can launch any document or application, annotate over them, and save the annotations. There is also a whiteboard feature, where you can create any handwritten/drawn content on any background of your choice. This technology allows faculty to more easily involve students in problem solving activities and allow for a potential increase in mobility in the classroom.

An instructor can utilize the iPad in the classroom via Doceri perhaps by using the whiteboard, marking up a diagram; or by just using the iPad to remotely control the computer desktop.

Getting Started

If you have a SMHS-Issued iPad, you should already have the Doceri app installed. All podium computers in Ross Hall also have the Doceri desktop installed.

Many times, the Doceri License Agreement will appear when you log on to the computer. If it does, click Accept to begin using Doceri.

Doceri License

(If Doceri does not launch automatically when you log on, open Doceri on the podium (presenting) computer. )

You will be asked to create a password. This prevents other iPads from joining the session without your permission. We recommend something easy to remember, and not your NetID password.

When Doceri opens, the connection Dashboard will appear on the screen.  Leave this screen up until you have launched the iPad app, and connected your iPad.

Doceri Dashboard

Launch Doceri on your iPad

  1. Open the Doceri App on your iPad
  2. Choose the “Through a Computer” button.

Doceri iPad

First time use

Click the camera button, and take a picture of the QR code on the Connection Dashboard screen on the computer.
Input the password that you created a minute ago on the computer.

After the first time you connect to Doceri, your settings will be remembered for that computer. You can either choose the computer name from the list on the iPad, or take a picture of the QR code and you will connect automatically.

Doceri Instruction Videos and Help

Doceri offers tips and suggestions for incorporating the app as a part of a flipped classroom at this link:

There are user guides, FAQ’s and How-to videos.

Additional Resources

Article on Doceri use in Penn State chemistry course: