Media Planning and Media Relations Guide


This Media Planning and Media Relations Guide was developed to efficiently and effectively walk you through the process of media planning, creating materials and building relationships with media personnel. We have included background information, tools and resources including customizable templates in the appendix, so when you have completed them, you will have a tailored media plan and media-ready materials for you and your program to use. The competencies in this training are based on content from the National Cancer Institute’s publication “Making Health Communication Programs Work: A Planner’s Guide.”

We recognize that CCC professionals are often pressed for time and resources. As a result, we created the training to facilitate and enhance the work that you are already doing or need to do, not add to your work. Further, with information from the needs assessment and feedback from CCC professionals, we learned that CCC Programs need to develop and submit a media plan to the CDC, prompting us to divide the training into two parts. The first, on Media Planning and Media Relations, is for participants purely interested in understanding the process and requirements for creating a media plan and developing media relations to fulfill their CDC deliverable. The second, on Making Communication Campaigns Evidence-Based, is for participants who desire more in-depth training about the process of organizing a communication campaign. 

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2015-01-01 00:00:00
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Creating state cancer plans and CCC guidelines
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