Welcome to the Department of Emergency Medicine

The Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) of The George Washington University is actively involved in a wide range of Emergency Medicine-related clinical, educational, research, and consulting programs. In support of our medical student, resident, and fellowship education programs and clinical research programs, the DEM staffs the ED’s of three hospitals including one hospital-based Hyperbarics / Wound Care program. The DEM also offers a wide range of Emergency Medicine consulting activities including: medical support for the travel assistance and commercial shipping industries, staffing solutions for remote clinics, telemedicine-related services, community-oriented emergency care programs.

Our mission is to provide excellent emergency patient care, train the next generation of health professionals, create new knowledge in the fields of Emergency Medicine and Emergency Management, and continually innovate.


The Department of Emergency Medicine

The School of Medicine & Health Sciences

2120 L Street NW
Suite 450
Washington, D.C. 20037
Phone: (202) 741-2911