Microfluidic Devices for Diagnosis and Treatment of Multiple Myeloma (Clinical/Translational)

Submitted by Robert Hawley, Ph.D., Imad Tabbara, M.D., Zhenyu Li, Ph.D., Irene Riz Ph.D., and Teresa Hawley
April 29, 2014


The identification and characterization of drug-resistant cancer stem cells is still a challenge in multiple myeloma. This research proposes to develop a novel microfluidics chip that will allow for single cell multiplexed characterization of a mixed population of cancer stem cells obtained by FACS (Fluorescence-activated cell sorting). The microfluidics chip will be able to screen up to 96 individual cancer stem cells with different cytotoxic agents. Drug resistant cells can then be forwarded into a new chamber in the device for FISH mapping to determine the exact chromosomal translocation event associated with the drug resistant cancer stem cell. There are two specific aims. Year 1 - develop microfluidics device for FISH mapping of cancer stem cells, to be followed by a Year 2 application to develop the cytotoxic drug screening chambers in the microfluidics device.

Submitted By:

Robert Hawley, Ph.D.

Imad Tabbara, M.D.

Zhenyu Li, Ph.D.

Irene Riz, Ph.D.

Teresa Hawley