Exploring Current Cancer Screening Rate and Testing Technological Solutions for Increase Adherence to Cancer Screening guidelines in the GW Community (Synergy)

Submitted by Cherise Harrington, Ph.D., Neal Sikka, M.D., Francis O’Connell, M.D.
April 28, 2014


Objective is to conduct formative work to assess rates and patterns of cancer screening to inform the development and feasibility of communication technologies to assist cancer care teams. The goal is to increase provider awareness of cancer screening guidelines, 2) increase cancer screenings, and 3) promote care coordination. This is a two-phase project with specific aims for each of two phases: a seven month needs assessment followed by development and feasibility testing of an mHealth program for use by health providers in the MFA. During Phase 1 (months 1-7), the focus is on establishing the nature of the needs for providers to improve screening practices. Will identify patterns of current practices among the GW medical community through a medical records review; conduct focus groups and structured interviews with patients and family members regarding beliefs and practices related to screening; and conduct structured interview and surveys with primary care physicians and cancer care teams to explore the provider’s perspective on patient needs for cancer screenings as well as knowledge and barriers to following clinical practice screening guidelines. During Phase 2 in months 8-12, the applicants will adapt the TEXT2KNOW platform to prompt cancer care team members to recommend appropriate cancer screenings, conduct feasibility testing of an adapted SMS/Text messaging program (adapted from the existing TEXT2KNOW platform) to prompt providers to conduct or recommend relevant cancer screenings based on clinical practice guidelines; and apply for additional funding to develop and conduct a larger effectiveness trial of the program.

Submitted By:

Cherise Harrington, Ph.D.

Neal Sikka, M.D.

Francis O'Connell, M.D.