Memorials & Tributes

Friends of the Dr. Cyrus and Myrtle Katzen Cancer Research Center often  memorialize a loved one through a donation to the Center.  

Memorial and Tribute donations may be made restricted to The Patient Assistance Fund, Research or the general use of the Katzen Center.

Generous contributions have been made in memory or honor of the following individuals:

  • Dr. Giuseppe Scarcella
  • Dr. Kathryn Kenders-McCreary
  • Martin Einhorn
  • Jim Keyser
  • Stella Morris
  • Elaine Cline
  • Leona (Faye) Del Grosso
  • Leah M. Hess
  • Cyrus Katzen, M.D.
  • Michelene M. Krodel
  • Shirley Liss
  • Debbie Miller
  • Linda Samuel-Bickford
  • Daisy Abelson Rosenberg
  • Lisa Marie Sanderl
  • Suzanne Z. Schuck
  • Willagene Wall
  • Edward Washington
  • Helene Bordenick
  • David Wechsler
  • Martin Golub
  • Gerlinde Burr
  • Victoria Williams
  • Deborah Feldman

Learn more about how to donate in honor of your loved one.