Future Plans

Future Plans


Building on the existing foundation of wellness resources within our GW Healthcare Community, the GWell Center for Healthcare Professionals is continuing to build and collaborate further initiatives and resources to further pursue our goal of an integrated culture of wellness. Our current areas of focus are highlighted in the working groups below.

  • Just Culture
  • Second Victim
  • Skills Development
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Resources
  • Applications for free access to Lifestyle Medicine Core Curriculum (American Colleges of Preventive Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine), Winter 2019
  • Request for Proposals, Spring 2019
  • Launch of renewed Self-Care for Providers course, Fall 2019

School of Medicine:

  • Clinical Public Health Summit 4
  • Continued evolution of Personal & Professional Wellness panel and plenary lecture
  • Expansion of wellness breakout sessions (finances, physical activity, mindfulness)
  • Introduction of Wellness & Resilience Action Plan (WRAP) across courses of core curriculum
  • Professional Development & Clinical Skills and Reasoning
  • Alignment of wellness lectures to theme
  • Continued faculty development workshops in Mindfulness for Self-Care and Clinical Practice – Faculty and Standardized Patient Instructors
  • Goal to integrate with cases for AY 19-20
  • Big and Little Sibling program
  • Integration with Professional Development Clinical Mindfulness program

Biomedical Sciences:

  • Career Development Lecture Series
  • Addition of wellness theme

Physical Therapy & Physician Assistant Programs:

  • Continued expansion of respective mindfulness elective series
  • GME core lecture for residents in all programs – Expanded Scope of Practice: Lifestyle Medicine & Goal Setting for Professionalism & Wellness

Internal Medicine:

  • Quality Improvement & Second Victim
  • MindBody Tools for Self-Care
  • Retreat activities


  • MindBody Tools for Self-Care (planned AY 18-19)