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Telemedicine 911

An innovation that would revolutionize the way 911 could be activated

Team Lead / Presenter: Alexander Chiu

Home Institution / Hospital Associated: Air Visits New Bridge Medical Center

EMTalk: Empowering Difficult Conversation Skills

An innovative training program developed by emergency physicians for emergency providers that delivers a comprehensive approach to deliberate skills practice for communicating serious news, shared decision making for medical treatment goals, and conflict resolution.

Team Lead / Presenter: Rita Manfredi & Lillian Emlet

Home Institution / Hospital Associated: University of Pittsburgh / George Washington University

ALiEM Connect - Nationwide EM Grand Rounds

A nationwide academic conference experience that connects residency programs across the US, bringing them all the best speakers in the country.

Team Lead / Presenter: Christian Rose

Home Institution / Hospital Associated: Stanford University / University of California, San Francisco


A clinical information hub that provides users with instant access to up-to-date COVID-19 information, clinical guidelines, announcements, and discharge navigation resources.

Team Lead / Presenter: Nicholas Stark

Home Institution / Hospital Associated: University of California San Francisco / San Francisco General Hospital

The Covid Intubation Arch

"An innovation that facilitates efficient intubation, or cricothyrotomy, without the rigidity or restrictions created by the intubation plexiglass box."

Team Lead / Presenter: Lisa Goldberg

Home Institution / Hospital Associated: Tucson Medical Center

Frontline Suits

Medical-grade reusable coveralls for the pandemic and beyond.

Team Lead / Presenter: Alicia Lu

Home Institution / Hospital Associated: Mount Sinai & Elmhurst Emergency Medicine

Med Sim Studio

A software platform that allows a simulation operator to provide real-time simulation of a vital sign monitor, stimulus library (dozens of ECGs, ultrasounds, CT scans, XRs, etc.), time-stamped action log, and assessment tools.

Team Lead / Presenter: Adam Blumenberg

Home Institution / Hospital Associated: Columbia University Medical Center

Negative pressure procedural tent to protect healthcare workers and benefit patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

A portable negative pressure patient enclosure to facilitate delivery of care and better protect healthcare workers.

Team Lead / Presenter: Nathan Haas

Home Institution / Hospital Associated: University of Michigan

Web-based Adventure for Retrieval Practice (WARP) Format

A “Choose your Own Adventure”-style teaching format to help overcome barriers of discussion in virtual settings and encourage the “retrieval practice.”

Team Lead / Presenter: Jon Smart

Home Institution / Hospital Associated: University of California - Irvine (UCI)

The Virtual Resus Room

An open-access educational tool that uses Google Slides and Zoom to offer online simulation.

Team Lead / Presenter: Sarah Foohey

Home Institution / Hospital Associated: Children's National Hospital

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