Logo: Department of Emergency Medicine - Operational Medicine - The GW Medical Faculty Associates; Pictures: home, out-patient, and drive-through testing
May 04, 2020

In the past month, the George Washington University Emergency Medicine group has established a COVID-19 Emergency Medicine Strike Team(5). In collaboration with the DC Department of Health (DOH) and the GW Medical Faculty Associates, the EMED Strike Team has established three...

Graphic: depicting electronic health records being hacked and put up from sale on the dark web; Electronic Health Record by Bold Yellow, Download by Gregor Cresnar, Web Money by Pravin Unagar, hacker by karina from the Noun Project
April 02, 2020

Justin Hull, Jordan Selzer MD, Andrew Meltzer MD

Imagine receiving a phone call or email notifying you that your most personal information such as your medical history, medications, social security number and much more has been stolen. Now imagine you are only one...

HAVI logo; caption: The Health Alliance for Violence Intervention
March 27, 2020

Genevieve Kupsky

Firearm violence is a topic that is all too familiar to clinicians who work in the emergency department. In the urban settings in which gunshot wounds are commonplace, they are merely a blip on the radar of inner-city violence. Though interpersonal...