Timely Provider Shift Report

Timely provider shift feedback results in insights on how to make practice corrections that improve patient safety and experience. Group member comparisons (internal benchmarking) is a powerful means of driving improvement if the metrics are valid and the goals achievable. Providers with opportunity gaps are benefitted by regular feedback as an adjunct to personal coaching. Medical directors need an objective means of comparing performance and benefit from a tool that monitors each provider for an abrupt decline, which is a harbinger for personal issues.

Traditional feedback tools in from CAHPS vendors (e.g., Press Ganey) are challenged by small sample sizes and low response rates, which impact statistical validity. Typically, about 1.7% of ED patients receives and completes paper surveys. By extrapolating, an emergency provider who sees 200 patients per month, less than one a week would be surveyed – a statistically invalid sample. [Handel DA et al. Associations between Patient and Emergency Department Operational Characteristics and Patient Satisfaction Scores in an Adult Population. Annals of Emergency Medicine Dec 2014; 64(6):604-8]

With EDCAHPS projected to begin in 2018, hospitals are prudent to explore a system that creates a competitive edge with patient experience.

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