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The NYP-Weill Cornell Express Care Service is an innovative ED based telehealth program designed to reduce length of stay (LOS) and improve patient experience for patients with low acuity complaints.  High patient volumes lead to correspondingly long wait times, an experience that can be particularly frustrating for patients who seek care for lower acuity problems that could be rapidly attended to,  causing these patients to become dissatisfied and even prompting patients to leave without receiving care. 

Our process for ED Telehealth Express Care patients begins as it would for any of our ED patients: with an in-person triage and assessment. A registered nurse speaks with the patient and categorizes the severity of their medical complaint. Next, an Advanced Practice Provider (Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner) evaluates the patient, performs the Medical Screening Exam which is required for all ED visits, and decides whether our Telehealth program would be medically appropriate. Qualification for the Telehealth Express Care Service is based on set criteria. Participation by the patient is voluntary. If the patient declines, a physician will examine them in-person. The telehealth encounter takes place with our Telehealth Physician, a board certified Emergency Medicine faculty member. Evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and education are discussed at-length, with family members present if desired. Discharge instructions are printed directly at the end of the visit by the physician with any prescribed medications sent electronically to a pharmacy of the patient's choice. There is no additional check out process.

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