In Search of Excellence-The Patient Experience

To address the mismatch between planned patient volumes and actual volumes several changes were made including adding a midshift nurse, medical technologists and advanced practice provider. To offset the inability to scale up the number of ED beds to match census and to address the adverse impact on door-to-provider times, LOS and excessive waiting in the waiting room staff, lead by the site medical director implemented several processes including rounding on patients in the waiting room, key words at key times (scripting), change of shift huddle to insure interdisciplinary collaboration for regulars and the many itinerant staff. The mismatch took a toll on patient satisfaction and despite the staff additions it wasn't until the service initiatives were implemented did we see significant improvement in the satisfaction scores.

Publication Date: 
Arizona General Hospital-Glendale
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Clinician Initial Evaluation
Disposition Decision
Clinical Areas Affected: 
Emergency Department
Staff Involved: 
ED Staff