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Janeale Gottlieb-George Janeale Gottlieb-George 


Mahogany PersipMahogany Persip

Associate Director

Hi, my name is Mahogany Persip and I am the Associate Director here at GWU-SMHS Upward Bound. I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Prince George’s Maryland. Two famous people that went to my high school are Jim Henson and Jermaine Fowler. Growing up, I enjoyed being very involved in high school and in the community. After high school, I went on to complete my Bachelor’s at Frostburg State University in International Studies and later earned my Masters at George Washington University in Higher Education. The most important thing high school taught me was to embrace my unique qualities. As soon as I began appreciating my “quirkiness”, I found out how much it contributed to my passion, talents and perception.

Here are some fun facts about me:

Though I do not have a favorite movie, I will say my two favorite movie genres are Fiction/Fantasy (Marvel, Harry Potter, DC Universe) and Disney. I have always loved comics, Disney and storytelling. I think the character development tends to be better than other genres. There is always a message for the viewers and each genre can target many age groups.

I prefer vacations in nature more than cities. I think that being in nature can be very reflective, healing and magical. So, give me a beach, mountain or lake over the hustle and bustle of a city any day. 

The best concert I have gone to was Afropunk, I saw performances by The Internet, H.E.R, Miguel, Jessie Reyez and many other artists. The music was amazing, the vibes of the crowd was free, warm and inviting. My plan is to go every year!

My favorite two spots on GW’S campus are Kogan plaza and Mount Vernon quad. Kogan Plaza is a great spot in the spring, student groups have events there, there are food trucks and it’s a good place to see the culture of GW. Mount Vernon quad area is a large space where students can hang out playing football, Frisbee or sitting and chatting on the grass. It helps you forget you are in the heart of the city which can sometimes be peaceful.