$12 MM grant awarded for Pharmacological Ascorbate in Oncologic Therapy research

October 15, 2018

Joseph Cullen, MD, FACS, and Douglas Spitz, PhD, were recently awarded a program project grant to investigate the use of pharmacological ascorbate in oncologic therapy (1P01CA217797). The grant, which totals over $12 MM USD across 5 years, employs translational science crossing the T1 and T2 chasms, with a feeback loop to bench science discovery. The grant funds three projects, including 2 clinical trials, as well as a clinical trials core. I serve as the clinical trials core assistant director, overseeing the daily challenges as well as implementing a different translation to this science: patient focused drug development. These trials will employ different strategies to capture the patient's perspective, assessing not only the ability of pharmacological ascorbate to kill tumor cells but evaluating the drug's impact on the patient's daily life and symptoms of disease. The education and training I have received through the doctoral program has provided the necessary foundation for this important research. Interestingly, of the 19 key personnel, I am the only woman.

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