The PhD in Translational Health Sciences is a cohort-based program requiring 54 credits beyond a master's degree, successful completion of two comprehensive examinations, a proposal defense, and a defended dissertation. The curriculum is low-residency, integrating didactic content delivered online with facilitated learning activities two mandatory weekends per semester at the Virginia Science and Technology (VSTC) campus in Ashburn, VA. 

The PhD in Translational Health Sciences draws on multiple, cross-disciplinary bodies of knowledge, which form the framework for the coursework and dissertation.  These bodies of knowledge are illustrated below:

Course Offerings

  • THS 8101: Foundations in Translational Science
  • THS 8103: Principles of Collaboration and Team Science
  • THS 8105: Translational Science in Complex Health Systems
  • THS 8107: Program Theory and Health Innovations
  • THS 8109: Implementation Science and Innovation Leadership
  • THS 8121: Advanced Study Design for Translational Research
  • THS 8123: Qualitative Methods in Translational Health Science
  • THS 8125: Advanced Statistical Methods for Clinical and Translational Research
  • THS 8201: Learning Theory and Models for Knowledge Translation in Health Systems I
  • THS 8203: Bioethical Implications of Health Research
  • THS 8205: Learning Theory and Models for Knowledge Translation in Health Systems II
  • THS 8212: Mixed Methods in Translational Health Science
  • THS 8961: Proposal Defense Preparation
  • THS 8996/8997/8998: Dissertation Seminars

Current Students' Translational Research Topics

Candidate: Romiya Barry

Dissertation Chair: Gaetano Lotrecchiano

Axiomatically True, Diametrically Opposed: Interpreting the Paradoxical Relationship Between Ethic of Care and Participant Recruitment for Physician-Researchers

Candidate: Kellie Bodeker

Dissertation Chair: Philip Van der Wees

The Contribution of Patient Reported Outcome Measures to Shared Decision-Making in Radiation Oncology at a Midwestern Comprehensive Cancer Center

Candidate: Mandi Chapman

Dissertation Chair: Leslie Davidson

Implementing Sexual and Gender Minority Health Curriculuar Changes in Academic Medicine

Candidate: Radwa Aly

Dissertation Chair: Henry Kaminski

Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures (PNES): A Taxonometric Approach to Understanding the Population

Candidate: Jennifer Weaver

Dissertation Chair: Trudy Mallinson

Translating Assessments into Practice Using Principles of Shared Decision Making: An Exemplar Using the Coma Recover Scale-Revised

Candidate: Brittany Wilbourn

Dissertation Chair: Paige McDonald

Assessing Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Screening and Need Among Men Who have Sex with Men and Transgender Persons of Color: A Mixed Methods Case Study of the IMPACT MDV Demonstration Project

Candidate: Leocadia Conlon

Dissertation Chair: Maureen Monaghan

Diagnosis and Management of Adolescents with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in Primary Care: A mixed method study to explore provider behaviors and barriers and facilitators to practice

Candidate: Shahnaz Khan

Dissertation Chair: Philip Van der Wees

A Mixed Methods Approach to Evaluating the Current Uptake of Co-Testing and it's Determinants Based on the 2012 Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines and the Multilevel Barriers to Guideline Impmentation in Urban Healthcare Settings


Report PosterExplore the work of PhD student Shahnaz Khan on Translating Evidence from Research to Practice for Select Interventions in Cancer Control at the 10th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health. View poster