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Resources for Coping with COVID-19

To address the emotional wellbeing of health care providers and their patients, we have compiled several resources for you to use as needed. 

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GWish-related Articles, Book, and Media

Learn more about how Dr. Puchalski is leading the global movement to integrate spirituality into health care: articles, videos, courses, books, presentations, and other widely-disseminated information.

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Spiritual Assessment in Clinical Practice Course

Please enjoy this complimentary short-course designed to help you understand the spiritual beliefs, values, and practices important in your patients’ responses to illness or stress.

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Other Resources

Part of the GWish mission is to collaborate with other individuals and organizations to further the study and advancement of spirituality and health care.

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Spirituality Online Education & Resource Center (SOERCE)

The Spirituality and Health Online Education and Resource Center (SOERCE) is an extensive, online repository of educational and clinical resources pertaining to spirituality, religion, and health.

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Public Outreach Department of The Mesothelioma Center (

The American Cancer Society estimates that over 250,000 new cases of lung cancer will occur this year. Of those, there will be approximately 3,000 new cases of mesothelioma due to Asbestos exposure. We appreciate the vital role that faith and spirituality play in the process of healing and restoration for people suffering from this terrible disease and posted a guide on its importance.

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