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GWish Templeton Reflections Rounds Facilitator Training Program

This 1.5 day interprofessional faculty development training program offers the opportunity to learn a specialized small group facilitation methodology for implementing GTRR-GWish Templeton Reflection Rounds. Participants will learn how to model deep listening and facilitate a deeper inquiry of students' reflections of their patient encounters.

The training is designed for pairs of physicians/chaplains and/or nurses/chaplains for each medical and nursing school schools. Participants will experience and learn education strategies for implementing Reflection Rounds. They will practice groups of medical students, engage in videotape discussions and feedback and large group discussions. They will learn the practical steps for implementing and evaluation GTRR in their schools.

Offered by: The George Washington University’s Institute for Spirituality and Health (GWish), and the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

What Reflections Rounds Are

GTRR is a mentored small group program which aims to integrate meaning, purpose and connectedness into the continuum of medical education—from medical student to practicing physician. Piloted in 18 Medical Schools, it is designed to nurture physicians’ inner growth through a unique reflection process facilitated by teams of specially trained physicians, chaplains, and counseling professionals. Through mentor and peer-facilitated reflection, participants consider how their encounters with patients affect them emotionally, spiritually, and formatively. Preliminary program evaluation data shows impact on student and faculty awareness of spirituality, meaning, on student ability to be present to others and on student wellbeing.  Faculty also described impact on their own re kindling of joy and meaning in their profession.

GTRR is built on national competencies work in spirituality and health-- spirituality broadly defined as meaning, purpose and connectedness.  Studies have demonstrated lower levels of depression and burnout with this approach to forming and sustaining professional growth. It encourages physicians to reconnect with what they value most—having meaningful relationships with their patients, making a difference in their patients’ lives, and relatedly, improving their own well-being.  

How They Prepare Students

This ability of the students to reflect is critical to practicing Medicine with integrity, accountability, compassion, and respect for others. With the guidance of highly experienced faculty mentors, students share their experiences and perspectives with others and then listen as others share their experiences. This fosters the inner growth needed for them to become compassionate physicians.  Attention to personal formation, which is the mission of Reflection Rounds, allows students to focus on their inner life, their call to serve others, how that call is affected by their experience with patients, and how it can be sustained throughout their careers.

How Trainers Facilitate Growth

The G-TRR has received strong positive feedback from participating schools.  Based on this positive feedback from students and faculty alike, we are pleased to announce the G-TRR Facilitator Training Program.  The key to the success of this program is the possession of specialized facilitator skills.  G-TRR requires mentors to learn how to model deep listening and facilitate a deeper inquiry of the students’ reflections on their patient encounters. Facilitators in general are physician and chaplains, partnering together to help students gain a deeper insight into their experiences with patients. 


This training program will start on July 13th, following the 9th Annual Spirituality and Health Summer institute. Participants to participate in both the  Annual Summer Institute and the GTTR will receive additional discounts on both events. The Summer Institute will be held July 10-13, 2017. For more information about the 9th Annual Spirituality and Health Summer Institute, please click here 

Registration Fee:

The registration fee includes mentorship after the training program including regular conference calls throughout the year and an evaluation of the rounds at each school.

We strongly encourage teams to come to the conference together. This should be atleat 2 person from each school, a group of physician+chaplain/social worker for Medical Schools, and Nurse+Chaplain/social worker from Nursing Schools.  

GTRR Train the Trainers Program:

Standard registration: $350

Group Registarion (2 or more from each institute): $200/person

Summer Institute and Train the Trainers Program:

Standard registration: $280

Group Registarion (2 or more from each institute): $150/person

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Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 1:00pm to Saturday, July 15, 2017 - 4:45pm

The Clinical Learning and Simulation Skills (CLASS) Center,

George Washington University,

Washington, DC


For more information please contact us:

Phone: 202-994-6220