The Ideas to Health Lab

“I wonder why my patient...”

Busy clinicians often stand at their patient’s bedside and say, “We see this often, but we are not sure why this happens.” Finding the resources and infrastructure to take observations made at the patient’s bedside back to the laboratory to identify driving mechanisms behind these clinical observations is challenging. But often, these seemingly chance observations provide unique insights into disease pathogenesis and may help identify novel biomarkers of disease or therapeutic targets.

At the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences we are focused on delivering high-quality health care, advancing scientific discovery, and translating discoveries into action. This is accomplished through collaboration with The George Washington University Hospital and the GW Medical Faculty Associates.

The Ideas to Health process in the Shanmugam Laboratory takes a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to the scientific process. Inclusion of clinicians, nurse scientists, biotechnology experts and post-doctoral scientists allows us to develop synergistic projects that advance scientific discovery and translate discoveries into action. By focusing on clinical observations, Ideas to Health research projects are always centered on clinically important aspects of the disease process which drastically increases our yield for identifying important molecular drivers and novel therapeutic targets of disease.