Pathways for All to Health Careers (PATH-C)

Established in 2016, Pathways for All to Health Careers (PATH-C) aims to provide a one-stop shop where any student, parent, teacher, or counselor, from a Title I school, can learn about any health career, including technicians, coding and billing, etc. PATH-C offers opportunities to learn about the career of interest in a short summary form, find shadowing opportunities, learn about accredited schools, find scholarships, find a mentor, and look at the job outlook. Additionally, we want PATH-C to provide multiple entry points for individuals that are interested in the health careers sector, ranging from researchers, physicians, and nurses to public health professionals to ultrasound or pharmacy technicians and more. This program also provides a pathway for people who are at risk for dropping out, and as a pathway to reentry to education for those that may have dropped out of high school. Additional goals include researching and providing best practices in guidance counselor training, outreach, community service, information sharing, parent/community engagement, and mentorship.

In order to build this pipeline, PATH-C members recognize the need to establish a centralized vehicle for academic, governmental, community-based organizations (CBOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to share resources with other health-focused organizations and community stakeholders.

To determine the effectiveness of this program, then Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) plans to develop the appropriate technology track and evaluate outcomes evaluation. In addition, the DC Department of Health’s Health Care Workforce Bureau will be working as part of PATH-C to assure that DC’s own health workforce needs are being fulfilled.

PATH-C is also dedicated to supporting Calvin Coolidge High School, a DC Public School in Ward 4, in making their new Health Sciences Academy a success. We have been working closely with the Coolidge Alumni Association, and supported their success effort to be the first National Academy Foundation Health Sciences Academy in the District of Columbia. Coolidge High School is a Title I school, and over 50% of their students come from Wards 7 & 8.

Through PATH-C, the Rodham Institute was able to make an important connection between two partner organizations. After 15 years of trying to introduce an in-school CNA training program that has had great success in suburban Maryland counties, we were able to connect founder Dr. Leahy with Coolidge HS, who will implement the program into the new Health Sciences Academy. This program will be implemented into the curriculum, and will train 30 seniors who are at risk for dropping out to become CNAs. They will receive their practicum at Ingleside Nursing Home. The program is provided free of charge, and covers their transportation, supplies, and certifying exam fees. He has a 100% rate of exam passage, and job placement following the program.