News & Community Highlights

Kayla Maccannon, Rodham Intern, designed a presentation highlighting Rodham's community work.  "It was so much, but that's a good thing," she beamed.  Rodham has delivered over 2,000 meals and over 1,500 masks to residents and community-based organizations in D.C.  Director of Community...

"We here at the Rodham Institute put community first with an emphasis on educating and uplifting the people. One of our passion projects is giving back to the residents of Brookland Manor in Washington DC, a community currently being gentrified by a company named MidCity.

Isolated, alone and afraid, thoughts of suicide are on the rise as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Want to continue to work your current job, and have access to your school, local restaurant or even bar? Well first you may need to make sure you've been vaccinated against COVID-19.