Issues and Solutions

To ensure that the Maryland Regional Direct Services Collaborative a complete and comprehensive understanding of both the demographics and the issues as possible in addressing the issues affecting the older adult and disabilities communities, the Board of Directors took the leadership to conduct a regional Environmental Scan.

The Direct Services Workforce in Long Term Services in Long Term Services and Supports in Maryland and the District of Columbia

"Blueprint for Change" September 2018 Annual Meeting

Following the September 2018 Annual Meeting, workplans were developed and presented focused on three core areas

“Call to Action” September 2019 Annual Meeting

The Maryland Regional Direct Services Collaborative convened its second annual meeting on September 26, 2019 at the Howard Community College in Columbia, Maryland. More than 70 invitees attended the meeting from across Maryland and the District of Columbia. Building on the planning directions agreed to at the 2018 Annual Meeting, the Collaborative reported on the work that was undertaken over the past year. The meeting's theme, "Showcasing New Investments in Direct Services Workforce Development" presented the opportunity for each of the three working groups, or Task Forces to describe the goals that were met and how the they will positively affect the direct services workforce. Ron Carlson, Executive Director of the Collaborative moderated the meeting and set the context for the morning. A special presentation was made by Jodi Sturgeon, President of PHI to provide a current and projected view of the direct services workforce. Charissa Raynor, Executive Vice President of Next Step served as the meeting's Key Note speaker bringing an insightful and timely message on the topic of "Spearheading Innovation in the Maryland Region". An Employer Roundtable discussion, i.e., A "20/20 Focus on Employers - What Expected/What's Needed" facilitated by Laura Spada with the Governor's Workforce Development Board, wrapped up the half day meeting.

The outcome of the meeting sets the program direction for work to be addressed by the Collaborative in 2020. Power point presentations are available and can be downloaded below.

  • Jodi Sturgeon - PHI Report Download
  • Charissa Raynor – Keynote Speaker Download
  • David Rodwin -Wages and Benefits Download
  • Steven Jurch - Training and Education-Apprenticeships Download
  • Stephen Campbell - Workforce Supply Download
  • Annual Meeting Program Download