Executive Committee, Board Members, and Staff

A cross section of the region's professional community has come together to develop an action plan that will fulfill the Collaborative vision and mission.  Steps are now being taken by the Committee to lay out the blueprint by which its work will be accomplished.

The Board of Directors consists of the following individuals:

  • Jehan El-Bayoumi, MD – Founding Director – Rodham Institute
  • Erickson Living – Organizational Development
  • Michael Bullis – Executive Director – Image Center
  • Michael DiGiacomo – Executive Director – Gov. Workforce Development Board
  • Toni Moore-Duggan – Educator – Caroline Center
  • William Leahy, MD – Health Care Practitioner
  • Judith Levy – Coordinator – Long Term Care Coalition of D.C.
  • David Rodwin – Attorney – Public Justice Center
  • Jill Schumann – CEO – Leading Age of Maryland
  • Anita Hammond – Executive Director – Baltimore Alliance for Careers in Health Care
  • Robyn Stone – Vice President for Research – Leading Age
  • Amy York – CEO – Eldercare Workforce Alliance
  • Beverly Jackson – HR Director – Riderwood - Erickson Living

Executive Committee of the Board consist of the following:

  • William Leahy, MD, Board Chair
  • David Rodwin, Vice Board Chair
  • Michael Bullis, Secretary


  • Ron Carlson, Executive Director 
  • Kristina Williams, Executive Associate