Community Collaboration Exchange

If you have an existing project or are dreaming of one for the future, please add it to the Exchange. Projects of all kinds—community service projects, research studies, educational initiatives—are welcome. If you have knowledge, skills, and resources that you would like to lend to another organization, the Community Collaboration Exchange is a great place to share with other like-minded people.  
We invite all those with an interest in community health and health equity to sign up on the Exchange – it’s quick and easy to do. 
Are you based outside GW? Submit your information for collaboration opportunities Are based at GW? Submit your information for collaboration opportunities.
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Community Resources:

Community Health Assessment Toolkit - By: ACHI

Diplomas Now- Diplomas Now partners with the school community to reorganize the schedule so each student at risk has caring adults and those adults have the tools to improve achievement.

Health People 2020 Disparities Data

Caring with Compassion- A Guide for Providing Clinical Care Across the Bio-Psychosocial Domains           

Community Resource Center-Human Services