Ross Hall Construction

Current SMHS Construction Projects

Last Updated: 09/16/19

This page includes information about current SMHS construction projects that may impact research. Current projects include:

Ross Hall 1st Floor Student Lounge and Bistro

  • Impact:
    • Student Lounge Construction and Furniture Installation - Complete
    • Bistro completion and relocation to 1st floor by September 30, 2019
  • Duration of Impact:  Student Lounge closed from May-September 2019

Ross Hall 3rd Floor Air Handler Project

  • Impact:
    • Work on air handlers on 3rd floor will cause residual vibration and noise throughout the building prior to 8:00 AM at lower noise levels. 
    • Noise from drilling of piping support anchors will impact neighboring labs and offices. 
  • Duration of Impact: project completion January 2020

Ross Hall 4th Floor Lab Construction

  • Impact: 
    • Currently in design/planning phase.
    • Finalizing construction costs. 
  • Duration of Impact: Fall 2019

Elevator Replacements

  • Impact: 
    • Contractor mobilizes on site 9/12/19
  • Duration of Impact: project completion February 2021

Ross Hall and SE Hall - Building Low Pressure Steam Outage - PROJECT COMPLETED

Health Sciences Temporary Move to Ross Hall - PROJECT COMPLETED