Ross Hall Construction

Current SMHS Construction Projects

Last Updated: 04/20/20

This page includes information about current SMHS construction projects that may impact research.

All Ross Hall construction projects are on hold until further notice. 

Pending projects include:

Ross Hall 1st Floor Student Lounge and Bistro

  • Student lounge construction and furniture installation complete.
  • Final relocation of bistro pending certificate of occupancy. Estimated opening TBD.

Ross Hall 3rd Floor Health Sciences Offices

  • Construction pending completion of air handler project. 
  • Estimated start date TBD.

Ross Hall 4th Floor Lab Construction

  • Estimated date for construction to end July 2020.

Elevator Replacements

  • Ongoing construction through February 2021. 

    Completed Projects

    • Ross Hall and SE Hall - Building Low Pressure Steam Outage
    • SE Hall Cage Wash Installation
    • Health Sciences Temporary Move to Ross Hall
    • Himmelfarb furniture installation 
    • Student lounge furniture installation