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Research Days 2016

Undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students showcased their work and competed for prize money at the Annual Research Days. This event is dedicated to highlighting the breadth of research, creative scholarship, and cultural discovery on issues of major disciplinary, multidisciplinary, and global significance being done at GW by students and postdoctoral researchers.

For more information, we encourage you to visit the Research Days website, contact, or follow Research Days on Twitter @GWResearchDays.

2016 Health & Medicine Topics Winners

Biomedical Engineering

Undergraduate Presenters
1st Place (tie) - Bogdan Balteanu (Poster 108), “Amperometric Detection of Ultrasound-Induced Secretory Events in Potential Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes”
1st Place - Srineil Nizambad (Poster 110), “Music-Based Emotion and Social Interaction Therapy for Children with Autism Using Interactive Robots”

Graduate Presenters
1st Place (tie) - Elizabeth Hubler (Poster 105), “Self-Oscillating Vocal Fold Model Mechanics Associated with Aging”
1st Place (tie) - Ivan Suarez Castellanos (Poster 109), “Ultrasound stimulation of insulin release from pancreatic beta cells”

Institute for Biomedical Sciences

1st Place - Adam Horn (Poster 10), “Environmental Enrichment Promotes Generation of Oligodendrocytes and Attenuates Hypoxia-Induced Perinatal White Matter Injury”
2nd Place (tie) - Thomas Forbes (Poster 28), “Environmental Enrichment Promotes Generation of Oligodendrocytes and Attenuates Hypoxia-Induced Perinatal White Matter Injury”
2nd Place (tie) - Shabnum Patel (Poster 23), “HIV-specific T cells can be Expanded from Virus-naive Donors to Target a Range of Epitopes: Implications for a Cure Strategy”
Honorable Mention - Rachel Burga (Poster 25), “Cellular backpacking as a method of enhanced tumor efficacy and modulating the immune environment”
Honorable Mention - Travis Kinder (Poster 14), “Discovery of Novel Drugs to Alleviate Muscle Weakness in Myositis”

Milken Institute School for Public Health

Judges Choice Award – Masters:  Nathan L. McCray (Poster 40), “Associations between Body Mass Index and Semen Parameters among men from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area”
Judges Choice Award – Doctoral : Vinu Ilakkuvan (Poster 86), “A Test of the Anger Activism Model: truth® Campaign Advertising-Induced Anger, Self-Efficacy, and Message-Related Cognitions”
Collaborative Science Award: Francesca M. Branch (Poster 41), “Urinary Tin, Cadmium and Lead and Associations with Body Mass Index and Waist Circumference: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2011-2012”
Policy and Practice Impact Award: Erin Brantley (Poster 70), “Improved Access and Coverage Under The ACA: Are Immigrants at the Table?”
People’s Choice Award: Nitasha Chaudhary Nagaraj (Poster 95), “Childhood violence, adult relationship violence, & adult health outcomes among South Asian women in the US”

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

1st Place - Morgan Heinzelmann (Poster 268), “Military Personnel Who Sustain a TBI Have Elevated Concentrations of Aβ40 and Lower Ratios of Aβ42/40 in Peripheral Blood”
2nd Place - Ryan Bateman (Poster 162), “Intranasal oxytocin administration in patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea”
3rd Place - Naissem Andemel (Poster 262), “Identification of Plasmodium Proteins from Children’s Field Isolates Targeted by Immune Sera Using a Proteomics Approach”

School of Nursing

1st Place - Margaret Hadro Venzke (Poster 317), “Evaluation of an Education Module that Addresses Patient Hesitancy and Refusal of Vaccines”