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Recruitment & Recognition: 2018 Update for current MEM Residents



MEM program partnerships with RRIEM/GWU have been in existence since 2006, and since that time there have been 377 graduates and 305 current residents in training.  There is still a vast ongoing need for education and training in Emergency Medicine in India, as the combined MD/DNB programs are training only a maximum of 194 residents per year for a country that needs at least 132,000 practicing EM physicians to fill the need.  There is no doubt that the MEM partnership programs hold the highest standard of education and training of all EM programs in India, with a strict curriculum, formative and summative assessment, ongoing faculty visits, concurrent local faculty development, weekly evaluation processes, and more.  However, the political environment in India has been holding back steps towards independent recognition, and recent targeted negative campaigns are working to destabilize the progress that has been made towards better education, training, and patient care.  Our ongoing goal is to counteract the targeted negativity with continued excellence and positivity, while taking specific steps towards recognition.

Critical Issues:

  • Recognition – The issue of program recognition is a political issue.  There is no doubt regarding the quality of the MEM program, nor the need for high quality education and training in India.  Given the current dissolution of the MCI and the newly forming NMC there may be a unique opportunity to work towards recognition.
  • Recruitment – The issue of recruitment is essential in maintaining a strong argument towards recognition, not to mention essential in creating the workforce of tomorrow.  We must continue to focus on the importance of Emergency Medicine, the quality of these programs, the immense satisfaction in our jobs in our essential role in saving lives, and the high quality jobs that are available, both in and out of India, to MEM graduates once they have completed the program.

Action Steps:

  • Towards Recognition:

    • RRIEM/GWU has partnered with EMIGA (the Emergency Medicine International Graduates Association) to pursue strategies towards recognition including but not limited to direct political lobbying, a legal pathway towards recognition, or internal Indian University partnerships.  We are working towards these goals with the best interest of our residents, graduates, prospective students, faculty and patients in mind.
  • Enhanced outreach and recruitment strategies

    • RRIEM/GWU is working directly with program sites to develop effective recruitment strategies.  These include but are not limited to outreach programs for MBBS graduates and medical students regarding the field of Emergency Medicine, showcasing our residents and graduates and their career pathways, ongoing recognition of excellence such as publications and awards, as well as new programs such as ‘Save of the Month’ club.  We want to work with our faculty and residents at each program site to ensure a high quality incoming class, and effectively work against the negative publicity stunts that are doing nothing except damaging emergency care in India.
  • Continued commitment to high-quality education and training programs

    • The RRIEM/GWU commitment is to maintaining the highest quality Emergency Medicine education and training program possible based on well recognized International standards.  We continue to work towards improving our programs every year, with changes such as our assessment strategies, evaluation methods and end of year exams.  We will not compromise on quality, which is what we owe to our trainees and our patients.

Please refer to our website for more information.  As current MEM residents, we recognize the risk you have taken in choosing a new specialty and we are here to support you in that decision.  If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us regarding the same.

Contact- Mr. Jacob Keller (Program Administrator): +1-202-741-2996 or

Impact - Academic: 69% in Teaching, Academics & Research

“In my country there are so many EM program are running now, but the quality of GW-MEM is outstanding. I can feel that every day in my practice. GW-MEM is an eye opener for Indian doctors. It changed the view of casualty in several hospitals. In India it's the only course trained by qualified emergency physicians internationally. It changed me in to a positive and active person, I gained lot of confidence in dealing with patients.” – Aster MIMS Hospital, Calicut, 2014 Graduate

“Well no one was aware of emergency medicine in India about 8 -9 years back. But as the number of people doing MEM graduated, emergency care got uplifted. The enthusiasm and spirit to make difference in Indian population lives is slowly taking pace. As a person I am prepared to handle any kind of emergency, anywhere and anytime. I just love teaching to my juniors and staff about patient handling, approach we were taught in MEM always makes us stand out among other specialties.”- Moolchand Medcity Hospital, Delhi, 2015 Graduate